Baseball Classes

We have had great success with our Arm Care and Strengthening program. Committed players experience an increase in velocity and throw harder! We evaluate and measure each player at the beginning and end of each class with HitTrax data capture analysis.

Softball Classes

The Zone is proud to offer an indoor softball training facility that offers private and group instruction for softball players of all ages and skill levels. We offer a wide variety of services, including individualized instruction, video analysis, hitting and pitching lessons, clinics, and camps.

Ninja Warrior Classes

There are several classes offered at The Zone. Each curriculum has 4 levels. Every new student, regardless of their background, age, or skill level, starts at the first level. This level is where students begin learning their basic safety and coordination skills, creating a solid foundation for the more advanced skills learned in higher rank classes.

Financial Intelligence

We offer classes for both children and adults in financial intelligence. It is our passion to bring all people to a certain level of knowledge; and we use the Financial Intelligence HQ to do it!