Challenge Yourself With TimeFREAK in Bluffton, SC

In TimeFREAK, players are immersed in a colorful UV-themed room with 3-D objects and facades. The lights on the wall pulse as players dash around in order to touch the lights. This room features music, sound effects, and voice cues to increase the drama. Scoring is calculated by the lights you touch. Players will be able to compare their scores with other players’ and see how they stack up against the daily, monthly, and all-time high scores.

TImeFREAK is the perfect game for anyone who loves a challenge. Test your reflexes solo or against an opponent in this fast-paced game of speed. As the buttons light up around the room, see how many you can push before the clock runs out. With TImeFREAK, there’s always a new high score to beat! Whether you’re playing by yourself or with a friend, TImeFREAK is sure to get your heart racing. So what are you waiting for? Push your limits and see how fast you can go!