Financial Intelligence Headquarters

Financial Education That
Is Actually Fun!

Have you ever wondered what “financial intelligence” is?

You’re not alone! Turns out, financial intelligence is a pretty broad term that can mean different things to different people. But in general, it refers to your ability to make sound financial decisions and manage money effectively.

Doesn’t that sound like something we could all use more of? If you’re interested in improving your financial intelligence, or better yet getting the kids interested finances and money management, then The Zone is for you!

The Zone is jam packed with interactive, educational games for all ages. Not only do the kids have to figure out how to sink a putt on our Fortune 500 Mini Golf course, but they need to know how to survive Laser Tag….all while being exposed to the stock market and how finance moves our world.

Stock market Education

Financial Intelligence Headquarters starts with stock market education because companies are the wheels that drive the economy, it’s Capitalism.

expanding learning

Our Stock Market Kings & Queens video game will get you hooked. When you play, you identify the company, name the CEO, three products, the sector and

real world applications

The Zone’s stock market games for students and kids of all ages, will expose players to the world of finance and trading and teach your child how to invest.


Financial Literacy

We are passionate about teaching children of all ages how to be smart with money and more importantly how the world around them works when it comes to finances.

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Our instructors at The Zone believe in the power of financial intelligence. We start by teaching kids about investing in the stock market! Our Financial Intelligence Headquarters makes learning joyful and memorable. Let The Zone do the teaching for you, with our interactive financial literacy activities for fun seekers of all ages!

Brain research tells us that when the fun stops, learning often stops too. – Judy Willis

The Zone’s Financial Intelligence Headquarters Offers Many learning Opportunities

Field Trips For Both Schools
and Homeschoolers:

Give your students meaningful opportunities to gain financial intelligence! Call today and we will customize your experience with age appropriate activities.

Adult Classes

Calling All Students
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